Kitchen & Dining Room

 Moving on into the kitchen!  This room hasn’t changed much, because well… Kitchen.  You don’t usually change much unless you’re remodeling!  But to complete the tour, I’ll show you again anyway.

 From the front door/living room, you are greeted with a full shot into the kitchen (one of the reasons my kitchen has cleaned off counters 98% of the time!  I can’t stand stuff on my counters anyway, but especially since it’s the first thing to greet guests, I like to keep it cleaned up!).


The dining room area is rather small and I do look forward to someday having a bigger dining room.  We love to host dinners (and by we, I really mean I.  Skyler doesn’t care one way or the other! ;)) and this space gets really cramped when we extend the table to seat more.  Plus Asher’s high chair just sits out like a sore thumb with no where else to go.


The dining table was inherited from my grandparents who had this table for many years.  I’ve had many many meals at this table as a child; family dinners a plenty, but more special to me was the frequent times I stayed overnight at my grandparents’ farmhouse and would wake up to a yummy breakfast that I got to share with my grandpa and grandma at this table.  The table was always set with dishes and their two pill boxes next to their plates.  :)  Fun and special memories.  I’m thankful to have this table.

The chairs were just some cheap chairs I found off of craigslist 10 years ago and have repainted.  They’re not the most comfortable though and Skyler and I are always talking about replacing them… But so far it’s been a lot more talking than doing.  (Neither of us are terribly motivated to chair-hunt.)

Also – the wall.  I used to have a “S” and “K” on either side of the white square tile, but took them down and put them on the other collage wall in the kitchen – probably a year ago.  I’ve wanted to do something different with this wall for over a year.  So far, I just can’t make my mind up on what that “something” might be… so the white square tile remains…. lonely.  Someday I’ll do something different. 


This little cabinet was one of our first marriage purchases.  Our first apartment had little storage and so this was bought as a little “pantry” to store all of our canned foods in.  It actually stores quite a lot of cans in those cupboards!  18 cans behind each door.  This kitchen doesn’t have a pantry either, so this cupboard has proven to still be quite useful.  :)

Above it was a wedding gift from a special “second-mom” friend.  She made us the plate sign that says “Skyler & Kayla” and has our wedding date. 


I also inherited these blue ball jars from my grandma.  I love them for storing our split peas, lentils, and extra nuts in (most of our nuts are in their own cupboard, but these are “overflow” ones.)


And, the gallery wall:


Which has been greatly updated since the last time I showed it!

Yes, I need to update the photo to include Asher!  We even got more recent family photos taken by Katie Guaschino Photography, but I have yet to get an 8×10 printed off to hang up there.  You will see the photos in a later part of our home tour though – so I’m not THAT terrible, I guess!


I went from a very colorful gallery wall to some muted colors.  I DO like color, but I can’t help it – I just love the neutral colors in my living spaces!  I really liked this herringbone print for some state love.  :)

(Sorry in advance for these terrible photos.)

I love this notebook patterned paper I found at Michael’s and use this board for a to-do list:


A grocery shopping list:


And our calendar:


The kitchen:


Like I said, I hate having things on my counters – with an exception for my Scentsy warmer and decorative jar in the corner (that isn’t really usable space anyway).  We DO use the top of the fridge:  a basket to hold our yams/onions/bananas, a basket with napkins, and a basket with waterbottles (because we take waterbottles everywhere).


And an exception for my coffee pot and my cute coffee storage box which hold my daily essentials. ;)

I also don’t really like things ON my fridge.  (Have you noticed I’m anti-clutter?  I’m a purging machine.  Less stuff = less stuff to keep clean.)  I DO have a couple things on the side of my fridge:


The two birthday Chuck E Cheese photos of the boys’ and myself from their birthdays in January (because I just love these pics so much!) and the cute Menu board that we made at our last MOPS meeting where we talked organization, which I have yet to implement but I WILL! :) (I promise, Chelsea. I WILL.)

Also this little “honey-do list”.  Because we’ve talked about it and this honey do list keeps me from nagging and keeps him remembering the things I’ve asked or longed for.  It’s been a great system for us. 


A couple more shots at the kitchen:

kitchen16 Kitchen17 kitchen18

I love Mrs. Meyers basil.  LOVE it.  I have one in my bathroom also.  :D  And these super cute little salt and pepper shakers!  I used to have bird ones but they broke and I’ve gone without salt and pepper shakers for over a year.  Then I found these cute little guys in my favorite color in the Target clearance section for .30!!  Score!


And THAT.  That is my kitchen and dining room tour.  Not super exciting, but there you go.  :)

Onwards!  Next up, laundry room.

I know.  I know.

You’re at the edge of your seat and can barely contain yourselves.

Just you wait….

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  1. Ooo how I love your kitchen! I dream of a kitchen similar to yours one day. And I love that you’re anticlutter. I stress. out. when there is clutter in my kitchen. And my desk. And pretty much most places. haha!

    1. haha ditto. I had to pull papers (ALL THE PAPERS!) out of the filing cabinet yesterday to work on quickbooks for our businesses and the papers are still sitting out. And I want to toss all the papers. But I can’t. Have to keep those bad boys for 7 years! BLAH!

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