Asher, the 1 Year Old

Something I haven’t done much of lately is post about my precious children!  Remedying that now.  These are the things I want to remember…

Oh Asher Milo.

I can’t get over how ding-dang cute you are.

Asher 2014 - 1

You’ve recently discovered your nose and how funny it is to squeeze.

Asher 2014 - 2

You are curious.  You let your hands lead you.  If you can touch something and explore it with your hands, you will.  You are completely unlike Zeek in this way, who (like his daddy) likes to have clean hands and not touch unfamiliar things, or anything that might make his hands sticky or dirty.  You?   You don’t care.  You want to know how it feels.  You want to know if you can squish it.  You will be the boy that always has dirt under his fingernails.

Asher 2014 - 3

Your eyebrows always furrow when you’re concentrating on something or just seriously thinking, which I’m fairly certain is from me (because I sense my eyebrows furrowing far more often than I mean to).

Asher 2014 - 4

You’ve got your daddy’s eye shape and color and you can with those sweet eyes.Your hair is so unlike your brother’s!  It is soft and fine (and Zeek’s is thick and coarse.  Washing his hair is like bathing a dog!) and lays down nicely.  Still figuring out how to cut it exactly.  You’ve had 4 hair cuts so far.

Asher 2014 - 5

You’ve got the sweetest creamy milk skin and I cannot even handle those cheeks of yours!  I’m constantly kissing them because they are so smooth and sweet.  You never seem to mind.  Your sign of love is to press your head firmly into the other person – whether their lips, forehead or shoulder.  You press in, as if to say “I love you” – the more strength you give equals the more you love.  :)

Asher 2014 - 6

You love pointing.  “Dis?”  “Dat?”  You point and ask and even if you don’t know what you’re pointing at, you know something will be given to you if you just ask “Dis?  Dat?”

Asher 2014 - 7

You have got the sweetest, tiniest nose – which surely did not come from me OR your father… I’m pretty sure your itty bitty cute nose is from your Bopa Miller.  He has a tiny nose too (which he, regretfully did not pass on to your mama.  But I am so glad that you got it.  Genetics are great, huh?)

Asher 2014 - 8

You love being outside.  LOVE it.  When you wake up, you go to the front door, point and say “out? out?!”   For the last week or more, you’ve been playing outside for 3-4 hours with your bro.  When it’s time to come in 1.) you’re filthy and need a bath and 2.) you pitch a fit because you don’t want to come back in!  You could be happy living outside.

Asher 2014 - 9 Asher 2014 - 15

You started walking at exactly 14 months.  You could’ve been walking sooner, but (ahem, like mama) you are very very stubborn and if something isn’t your idea, you ain’t gonna do it!  :)  You walked exactly when you wanted to.  (Little bugger.)

Asher 2014 - 17

You make the greatest quizzical faces!  I love them.

Asher 2014 - 18 Asher 2014 - 20

You are ONE!  (14 going on 15 months now) And what a difference being one has made!

Asher 2014 - 21

Your eyelashes!!  Number two thing that people comment on about you.  (The first is that you’re so happy – which you generally are when we’re out in public!)  I sure hope that if you ever have a baby sister, that she has eyelashes like yours!

Asher 2014 - 22 Asher 2014 - 23

You’ve discovered how funny it is to cover your eyes and peek through your fingers.  You also do this when you’re being very dramatic about being hurt – or you put your hand over your mouth as you cry.  SO dramatic.  It’s very hilarious to watch.  I think this also came from your Bopa Miller. ;)  (ok, ok.  probably me too.)

Also, you have 8 teeth right now.  4 top, 4 bottom.  No signs of anything more yet – but hey – that’s 8 more teeth than your brother had at this age!

Asher 2014 - 24

You adore your big brother.  BFF’s.  You guys play so good together and are little buddies.  Even when he hurts you (frequently) you don’t get your spirits crushed and you just let out a yelp and keep on playing.

You can’t handle if daddy and Zeek are doing something without you.  Before you were walking, they would go outside to play and you would freeaaak out and cry and shriek while watching them out the front window.

Now that you’re walking, you follow them around the house mimicking anything they are doing.  (One of my nicknames for you is Mimic because you will do ANYTHING they do, and you also mimic words incredibly well.)  One of favorite things to see was the other day when Zeek grabbed his airplane, held it high above his head, “nneeeeerrrrrr”-ed and steered the airplane off to the other room.  Daddy grabbed an airplane and followed suit.  You watched for a brief moment, and without missing a beat, grabbed your own airplane, held it above your head, made your best airplane noise and proudly followed them down the hallway.  :)

You will not be left out – that is one thing for sure!

You are saying so many words!  It’s so great and weird at the same time.  You mimic words pretty incredibly at this age.  Words like guitar, garage, Zeeky.  You’re not afraid to try saying any word – no matter how many syllables.

Words you use frequently:

Bup – cup or up
uh-oh  (this is my favorite word of yours – SO cute!)
Pip – poop
Zee-zee – Zeeky
Choo choo – train
Nana – banana
Ni-ni – goodnight
Ouch (also a favorite word of mine that you say.)
Mil – milk
Na – snack
Dis – this
Dat – that

Probably more words, but that’s all that come to mind right now.  :)

Asher bug.  You are just so sweet and precious.  Even though it’s been a rough year, I keep telling daddy, “what if we had lost him that day he was born?  What if he HAD died?  Think of all this joy that we would have missed.”  And instantly that “rough year” is 100% worth it.  Couldn’t imagine life or our family without you in it.

Thanks for being a great and joyful son and fun and playful brother.  You have made our family so much fuller. 

Love you, Buggy.

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    1. I know! He’s ginormous. And technically 14 months. But I had to get some pictures – I couldn’t believe that I had completely forgotten to do it until now! blah!

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