Pinterest Challenge: Map Art

I shared this map art that I made for my brother and SIL on this blog post.

This was the inspiration piece:

love map 015via Minimoz

And this was mine:

For theirs, I chose to print the three states that they have lived in together.

I found my maps online (just Google search “Texas Reference Map”, or whatever state, and choose one that is a large file with high resolution) and just printed them on photo paper.

I cut little hearts out of some red glittery cardstock paper using my Silhouette Cameo and just pasted them over the cities that I wanted.  Then, after I carefully cut out each state, I placed them between the two panes of glass for this floating frame that I picked up at Michael’s.  I taped the back side to the back glass pane so that they would stay in place.

These are some other variations I’ve made:

Baby Love DSC_0036 DSC_0325 DSC_0470 DSC_0640_2 Oregon Love


113 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Map Art

    1. with floating frames, you don’t necessarily need to adhere the images because once the other piece of glass is on the other side (if it’s tight enough) the images should stay in place. i am curious if she used any glue or anything, though.

  1. How did you print the maps? When I go go that website, it only lets me zoom in on portions of a much smaller map- maybe I’m technically-challenged?

  2. Carrin, I think the maps are between two panes of glass. I got the same frame from Michaels for a project just like this!

  3. I too tried printing and saving the maps per your instructions but it only let me zoom in on the map not copy it. Did I do something wrong? I love the idea and I would like to try it so any help would be great :)

  4. how did you adhere the pictures to the glass? and what size frame did you use? and one more question, do you know where I can find a reference map of JAPAN? My dad lived in japan, CA, and AL and I am trying to make him this for xmas. thanks!

  5. I’ve downloaded all the states we have lived, except Texas. The map on the website is different than the one you were able to print, and is different than the other states as well. Any suggestions? Could you send me the file for your map of Texas if I sent you my email?

  6. Thanks for the idea! I’m a military wife & plan to make this for every state we move to! I got my maps off Google maps, just type in the state name (to get the letter marker off the state, select one near it) then do prinst-screen and paste the map in paint, etc.

      1. Hi Beth! Thanks for checking this out! I’m sorry, but I don’t actually have any state files on hand. If you Google search “Texas Reference Map High Resolution” you should come up with what you need! Hope this helps. :)

  7. I love your blog…. I want to do this idea but I am running into the same issue with Texas… Could you please send me that file as well… Thank you… Can’t wait to see your new blogs for 2012… 8 )

  8. I’m also a military wife and am in the process of making this! I used Google maps as well, because I couldn’t save the files from the site you suggested. I LOVE this idea and am excited to add new states every time we move!

    One question – did you stamp the heart on, or draw it, or is it a sticker…?

  9. Sorry, I read the instructions, which I think were new ones, but still when I click on reference map just am able to view it larger (zooms) no right click option to print. The project looks really cute, if I can ever figure out how to print the maps.

    1. I did too! But then i figured it out :) just to the left of the box that you can move the cursor around and get the zoomed view, theres a star and it says “Download Original High Resolution: Political (State) Map” click that and it comes up in another window where you can just right click and save as. Hope this helps you guys!

  10. love this version…i’m thinking about cutting out heart shaped cardstock in red to place over the maps, but i’m not certain just yet. i’m making mine for my best friend who just moved to another state.

    1. I see lots of US maps on but no state maps. I have the TX one that was posted, but since updated theirs my WA and OR one do not match and i’d like them all to be the same type of map. anyone have any ideas?

  11. I think they fixed their site since you downloaded your maps. The directions no longer work on how to download the map pics for free from there. There is no “Reference Map” for any state that I have clicked on.

  12. just found my way to your blog, and I love it! Great ideas. I think I am going to try using the original map that we pick up and use for traveling, it is a little worn in, maybe a few pen marks, stars of places we loved, and hand written dots for where we’ve been. I can cut exactly what I want out, put them between the 2 panes of glass in the frame, and could even shrink down a map and use it in the background…. this craft idea is a great one! thanks for sharing!

  13. This is so awesome! We move around a lot with my husband’s career so I am doing this for each state we live in! Who knows…maybe I will have ALL 50 before it’s said and done!! Love the idea! Thanks!

  14. I love this!!! I did one a couple of weeks ago for my family. My husband, our 2 kids and I were all born in different states. So I cut out the state maps of each state where we were born and placed a star on the map to mark the cities where we were born. It turned out great!!! Thanks for sharing this idea!!

  15. For those of you who had other countries…did you ever find good maps for them? I’m looking for a United Kingdom one that looks similar to the NV map I just found on her link. THANKS

  16. I am 21 years old and just recently found and met my Birth Mother. She lives in Oklahoma and I in Texas. I am making one for her and one for myself. Such a precious gift idea

  17. thanks for posting the link to the maps. I am working on some geography projects for my grandkids and have been looking for just such a resource. All my searching never turned up a site like this. Just goes to show how much stuff there is out there! I’ll never get around to looking at it all!

    1. To the left of the map there is a box with a star in it. It says “Download original high-resolution image” if you click on that link it should open up the original jpg file which you can then right click on and save or print.

  18. I am having an issue with getting them all to be abound the same size… Im doing NY, PA, and NC… NY is where we are from, PA is where we fell in love, and NC is where we are based with the Marine Corps. I want to do this for every state we are stationed in… But with my OCD I am have and issue. NY is a decent size but PA is HUGE and NC is very small. I have tried cropping and working on the sizes but I cant get them to print right!

    1. Did you try the maps that I linked to a couple posts up from yours? They should all print the same size I believe. They are one page PDF files.

  19. im doing one as well i used 2 huge road atlas’s i bought at walmart cut out the state of texas …but im useing foam poaster board tracing texas cutting that out and sticking my map to it so that it looks 3d in my frame and the frame im using is 24×36 since i choose the big atlas to use. cant wait till im finished!

  20. FYI – when I went to the yellowmaps site, I got a slightly different selection of maps if I chose my states from the list of states on the left vs. clicking the state on the “choose your state” map.

    Another source for maps that worked for me is this one ( I was able to right click the map then copy the image into PowerPoint where I could size each map a bit smaller or bigger, depending on my preferences.

  21. Hi Kayla! I just saw this picture on Pintrest and was curious about how you make it. I love the idea of these, especially for my kids because we just left North Carolina and they are missing their friends! I’m going to link this to my blog at, thanks for the instructions! And thanks to others for the great map links!

  22. Thanks for this super idea and great instructions. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie! Can hardly wait to get 7 states and 2 countries on the wall (used google “reference map of ___” for the countries and just surfed for the right image that suited my taste). I think I’ll even add a title to our traveling wall….

    A grateful military spouse :)

  23. love this idea!!! question how do you make the maps smaller? i tried using paint and it takes away from the map.. i know this is a stupid question sorry!! TIA

  24. The site you provided is having difficulty printing out 4 of my states! I’m so bummed, the other sites people posted aren’t as cute and colorful :-( Currently working on it, but if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

  25. What a great crafty gift idea! Absolutely love it.

    But baybe I’m completely dense but I can’t find the link to where you printed the maps from anywhere! Can someone post a link or the name of the site?!


  26. I’m not finding the link either! If you already have the files and the time could you send me Texas, WA and OR? I have someone I’d like to make a version of this for. :)
    Lacie (Nice to see an Oregon original make it big in the pinterest world. Small world, I grew up in Monmouth and am very familiar with Bella Vie.) :)

  27. where could I possibly get the wood that was used in the background on the second? Is there a frame that actually fits them into it?

  28. Kayla, I copied this project once before, and it was well received (wedding shower gift). I wanted to make it again, but can’t find the maps I used before. You used to have a detailed description of how to find and print them.. are those directions still available, and if so, where? :) Thanks for the help! This is a great idea! :)

  29. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both
    show the same results.

    1. I had a major hosting/blog fail a few weeks ago and have been doing “clean-up” ever since! Thanks for the heads up so that I know what needs to be taken care of! :) (And thanks for the visit!) – Kayla

  30. I cannot find any maps that are of good printing quality. Also, is it true that you used a zoomed in map of a specific city, but then cut out the shape of the whole state? Any suggestions as to where I can get these maps to print?

    1. I just google searched “(Blah State) Reference Map High Resolution” and always had great results! Sorry I can’t be more help than that! Good luck! :)

  31. Hi there!

    I am in love with your idea, and have been in the hunt for the right frame. Where did you get yours?


  32. What did happen to the link for the maps that were used? Kayla said she could email the Texas map to one commenter and then “admin” pipes up to say that they don’t have any maps saved. What is going on? This is a really great idea and I appreciate it being posted but I don’t appreciate being sent on a wild goose chase to locate appropriate maps. Either take the post down or tell us what happened to the link to the maps that were used.

    1. Well, I’m really sorry that you’re frustrated. I never had a link to any maps. I had the Texas map temporarily saved on my computer from using it and emailed it a couple times. Then, since I didn’t need it any longer, it got deleted. Also, I didn’t have time to hunt down maps for people and email them to people 2-3 times a day with how many emails for requests that I got. I tried being clear with how I found the maps originally: I google searched “Texas Reference Map” and chose one that was a large format and clear. I don’t believe I need to take the post down because 1) it’s my blog. 2) it’s an idea. It’s not posted to do the project for you.

      Please understand that I am a mother of 3 and not a blogger who makes money doing this as a side job. I blog for hobby and enjoyment. Also, you need to understand that you, even as a stranger, can have a lot of power with your words. Choose them kindly and wisely.

      Thank you.

    2. Wow. This has to be spam, you are a spammer, right? Otherwise it must be an over the top, narcissistic person, that must really have an entitlement issue. You do know, that the appropriate response to the blogger should have been, “thank you so much for this amazing idea, and you even have pictures of different variations of making this! I appreciate you sharing this project, because I know you didn’t have too.” Now that, that would have been a really nice thing to say.

      By the way, I sure am thankful to the blog writer for sharing this. I can across this pin on Pinterest, and you just gave me the idea for 2 Christmas presents! Hopefully you will continue to share your ideas, most of us are really polite, and friendly, know how to say thank you.

  33. How do you make the states one solid color? Is there an easier way rather than cutting around a “reference map” onto solid color paper?

  34. Need help finding Florida…Mississippi and Missouri state maps like the first illustration. Anyone able to help? Thanks a ton! :)

  35. Kayla this is such an awesome Idea. my boyfriend and I travel a lot and I’m going to make him one of these for his birthday/valentine’s! I cannot find the maps like you have anywhere online. I’m going to do the one that has the three states on a shadow box / frame with the heart on each city. I believe its the second one on your post. is there any way you could send me that style of state maps for Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Denver, Oklahoma, Kansas, & Tennessee? It would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Thank you! And I’m sorry – but I don’t have any state files saved that I can send! I hope you’re able to find something that works for your project! :)

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