Letting Them Be Little Men

It’s 6:35 am at my house, and it’s quiet.  It’s one of the rare moments of the day where it is quiet, really.

For I have two little men and when they wake, the whole world around them wakes.  Nothing in their bones likes to be quiet or restful.  When they wake, they are full force and they are often loud.  They scream with excitement.  They raise voices in arguments with one another.   They gallop through the house and laugh thunderous laughs as they chase each other with swords.  They run across the house shrieking as their dad emerges with his “Paco the Wrestler” mask on his face.

In so much of what they do, there is noise.  Lots of it and at high volumes.  You can feel the high energy swarming around in the house.  Being a lady, I wasn’t sure I was okay with this for a really long time.  I had discovered that I was really quite fond of the quiet and calm and the introvert inside of me has a little bit of n inner meltdown-fit every time it gets too chaotic and loud up in here.

I tried to make them be quieter in the house, rambling off those nonsensical phrases like “inside voices please!” which would last a total of about 2.4 seconds.  I tried to get them to stay in the playroom because I like my house nice and orderly and didn’t want their crap spilling out all over my tidied living spaces.  I tried to tell them they couldn’t bring sticks and rocks and bugs and frogs in my house.  I tried to take away the swords and the guns and crossed my fingers for less arguments and fighting between the two of them.  You know what those boys did?  They made a sword from a small scrap piece of wood.  And they formed a gun from legos.


And then, one day I realized: I need to stop.  I need to stop trying to control the volume in my house.  I need to stop trying to control their environment and toys so that they aren’t fighting and having battles.  I need to stop trying to contain the mess of them having fun and exploring and experimenting and collecting.  I need to let them be little.  Little men, to be exact… which is oh so different than I was as a little girl.  It’s something I don’t know much about and am still learning.  Thankfully, I have one of those Big Men in the house too.  While I’m on the verge of an inner meltdown because of all the rambunctious play, he is able to put his hand on mine, look me in the eye and say, “Honey.  It’s okay.  They’re being boys.  Let them wrestle.  Let them be pirates.  Let them be hunters stalking a black bear.”

No, this isn’t to say we let our boys run wild and rambunctious in stores or restaurants simply for the sake of “being boys”.  But within our own home and our own walls, they need some more freedom.  Freedom to play.  Freedom to enjoy wrestling with their brother.  Freedom to whoop and holler like they’re leading an army of men.  Freedom from the small and quiet confines that their mother often would like to put them in for the sake of her own peace.  Freedom to be little men.  Little men that are brave enough to fight a battle.  Little men that are loud and celebratory when they have won.  Little men that get their hands dirty and make messes because they’re working hard on their task.  Little men that are skillful fly hunters for our home, even if that means nerf bullets scattered all over my once-tidied living room.  Little men that just want to be allowed to use the screw driver to be able to tinker with their toys and learn to “fix things”.  Little men that are just trying to figure out how to grow up into big men.


I want them to be great big men (and I’m sure thankful for the few great big men that they have in their lives showing them the way), so it’s time mama steps out of their way and let’s them be.

Because when they’ve had opportunity to be loud and victorious warriors, they always always come back to being cuddly little boys who love their mama fiercely.  Boys who will just suddenly stop their play and say, “Mama.  I don’t want to do anything but cuddle you right now.”  Who will stand up to daddy and tell him to be nice to their Mama if they think that he’s not.  Who will do anything to help their baby sister or make her happy.  Who will get on the floor on her level and make baby voices and faces at her simply because it gets her to smile or laugh at them.  Who are growing up to be strong, courageous men with the kindest hearts.  And that’s exactly who I want them to be.


Ezekiel & Asher, I can guarantee that I won’t always do well at letting you be little men.  But I have daddy helping me and I’m going to try harder.  I’ll try harder to put you and how you are learning to be, ahead of me and my desire for a calm and quiet house without so much as one lego on the floor.  I know one day I’ll have that quiet, clean house and by then, I’ll really miss this loud and crazy time because it’ll be too quiet and too calm.  So I’m going to try better to just soak it up and enjoy watching you develop and grow.

I love you both, you crazy, fearless, adventurous, hard-working, kind-hearted little men!  :)

DSC_0315 DSC_0334DSC_0326DSC_0361 IMG_3184_2

Brave little men, butchering chickens.

A snapshot of the loud crazy that happens on the daily around here:

Ellery June’s ABC’s

YESSSSSSS!!!!!  It’s the MOST wonderful post of each kid!  This is by FAR my favorite post for each kid (oh, I guess the post where I announce they were born, are a specific gender and have a name is pretty great too).  But this one… good grief.  Getting to this post for each kid is almost like the pregnancy stage too.  It’s long awaited.  It’s anticipated.  It’s a lot of work.  You know it’s going to be good when it’s done so you keep plugging along.  And when it’s done… it’s the most freeing and satisfying feeling in the world.

And so.  Ellery’s ABC Book.  3rd book down for this mama, probably just one more to go.  :) A B C2 D E F2 G H I J K L M N O P q R S-2 T U V W X Y Z

We love you, Honey Girl!

The Start of an Era

It started, it started!  An entire week later than we intended (we’ll chock it up to “life”.  A delayed Amazon package with homeschooling goodies, a last minute babysitting of friends’ kids, and other events.), but we’ve started and that’s all that matters!

(And don’t worry.  This won’t become a homeschool blog now.  Though I’m sure some homeschool activities will end up here.)

I wasn’t sure how I would go about all of this and where to start until I stumbled upon the Preschool Alphabet blog.  I finally had vision and direction!  We’ll be going through the alphabet one letter per week and each day’s lesson revolving around a word starting with that letter.  Two days of the week, we will learn about a new state.  This was my lesson plan for the week:


Of course, I had to start school like every other mom out there and take some first day of school photos!!

Asher 2015 Prek Zeel 2015 Prek Zeek Asher 2015 PreK

Here’s our “school” in the corner of the playroom (for now, until the playroom gets some renovations!):


Still looking for a legit chair for Zeek’s desk on the right.


We love our Calendar/Weather station from Learning Resources!  Zeek can’t wait to do this every day.

And the Pledge of Allegiance.  That’s also his favorite.  This is another board that we have hanging on the bar pictured above which is part of our daily routine.  Pledge of Allegiance, a weekly Godly-Character trait that we learn about and a Bible memory verse, a weekly nursery rhyme that co-ordinates with the letters of the week and Zeek has to circle as many of letters (A this week) that he can find, and a daily thermometer reading:


DSC_0869 DSC_0868

Behind all of these is a hanging map of the United States and spaces for the state quarters.  We’ll add each state’s quarter as we learn about them.  :)


We had SO much fun on our first day of school!  I did “A is for Alphabet” to start the year of ABC’s off with a bang.

We read some alphabet books:

DSC_0881 DSC_0882 DSC_0880

Then we made our own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree.  I glued the tin cans together and Zeek and Asher cut out leaves for the branches.  Then they fit every single one of our alphabet magnets on the trunk!

DSC_0826 DSC_0843

And then they made the tree go boom boom.  :)

DSC_0844 DSC_0846

My mom had given the boys an ABC train puzzle last year for Christmas, so we pulled that out and I had Zeek sing the alphabet song as he went through and picked each letter out of the pile to put in the correct order.

DSC_0853 DSC_0856

And finally, we did some ABC slider beads (which are so easy and fun for toddlers!).  They each made a few bracelets.

DSC_0859 DSC_0860

We’ve been attempting to bring more scheduling and routine into our lives and it’s been so great for every single one of us.  So we’ve been doing quiet time in our rooms until 8:00 am (which mostly works with a few reminders that they need to remain quiet), dressed and breakfast by 8:30 and school from 9-11.  Then playtime and lunch, and then we all have quiet time or nap time from 1-3.  It’s be so so great to bring more order and structure to our days!  We’ve been loving and enjoying our homeschool so far (even though we’re only a few days in!).  Can’t wait to see how the rest of the year plays out.

Happy back-to-school to all y’all too!!

Z is for…


  • FINALLY AT Z, BABY GIRL!  Good Heavens.  Your mama wasn’t sure this ABC book would ever come to an end!  I’m excited to put your book together and give it to you for your birthday!
  • You are just about crawling.  You have a few variations of scooting that gets you places for now.
  • You love laughing and finding things to laugh about.
  • ^^ Your brothers are good sources for laughter.
  • You love throwing yourself backward in people’s arms.
  • You’ve been saying “mamamamama” and “dadadada” a lot lately.  Especially in your crib in the middle of the night – I often wake up hearing you saying, “mamamama!”
  • You had your first hair cut.  Since you only had about 8 of your original birth hairs left on your head, it was just starting to look like the world’s worst come-over.  It needed to be done.
  • You LOVE dancing!  We have a LeapFrog ABC singing bus and every time that gets turned on, you “dance”.  It’s awesome.  And you cry when it’s near you and turned off.

Honey Girl – we love you SO much!  You are a true bringer of joy.  We all enjoy you so much.  Your sweet smiles, you laughs and your chill, relaxed attitude.  I think we’ll keep you.  ;)

Bringing Back Life: 100 Year Old Secretary Desk

I think most cities probably are inundated with them now – the Facebook garage sale pages!  I’m a part of a few around here but my favorite are the ones we call “No Banana’s”.  Those pages are a group of about 700 or so ladies who just don’t mess around.  We commit, we don’t flake, and we are continually selling to and buying from each other.  Because of this, I feel like we are a group of friends, not strangers.

A couple months ago, I saw a girl Sarah that I had purchased a few things from before post a pretty worn out but pretty gorgeous ooooold secretariat.  She said she just wanted someone to take it who could fix it up because it was in poor shape and needed a lot of work and only $5 would take it.  Though I was quick, I was not quick enough and someone else said they would take it.  I sadly wrote “next” under the photos.  Before long, I was alerted that the other girl had passed and I was up if still interested!  My heart was thrilled.

I knew that even if I couldn’t fit the pieces all back together into this secretariat, I could at the very least use some of the components in other projects.  And for $5?  Who can go wrong?!

I forced Skyler into my dad’s truck and we made our way to get the secretariat.  We could hardly move the thing into the truck because it was so loose and falling apart.  But we managed to get it in, in just a few pieces.


Everything was coming apart and little remained stuck together.


The door had a broken chunk out of the top right corner and the bottom strip that was supposed to connect to the secretariat body by chains so that it could hang down as a desk top had stripped holes and was split.

IMG_3994 IMG_3995

The entire bottom right foot was broken off and had chunks missing.


Mail slots detached but intact.

After some research (and talking with a guy at the Antique Mall in Albany), this is a “Larkin Desk” made by Larkin Soap Company and given as “premiums” when people purchased their soap.  This was likely made between 1901-1910.  Because they were given with soap, these were quite popular in the early 1900’s and there are still several around.  In fact, mom and dad have one (just a slightly different style than mine) very similar to this:


And actually, they have another very ornate Larkin desk like this style:


Anyway – they had purchased their desk at the Antique Mall in Albany also, and actually purchased it from the vendor’s booth that belonged to the store worker that we were talking to about them.  The history on Larkin desks are actually really fascinating!  You can read more about them if you’re interested in antiques.

Dad hauled the desk off to his house (because he has the shop and work space… and know-how).  I spent a few weekends down there with him, but let’s be honest.  He did most of the work.  Dad is like me and when he gets excited about something, he just can’t wait to see it transform and can’t keep his hands off of it.  I had to keep reminding him and asking him to slow down and show me and teach me how to do all these things to this desk!  I’ve done my fair share of stripping, sanding and staining furniture but this particular project needed a lot of extra love.  Extra work to piece it all back together.  A lot of problem solving (which dad is amazing at).

First, dad pulled it all apart (which, given it’s current state, was not too difficult).  Then dad sanded the main shelf boards, started piecing it back together and cut pieces to replace the missing chunks in the foot and door.

I had him hold it together for me so I could snap a photo and show Sarah (who we purchased it from) the progress that we were making on it:


We did more sanding of all the boards, some stripping and lots of staining.  Dad taught me that this piece, because of it’s age and because it was made on the East coast, was made of Golden Oak instead of Red Oak (which is what is mostly used around here).  Because we don’t have access to Golden Oak, dad had to use Red Oak to replace the missing chunks with.  For staining purposes, he put some Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner on the parts of wood that he added to the piece.  The conditioner opened the pores of the wood to be able to absorb max stain so it better matched the original wood.

Staining.  Staining everything:

IMG_4253 DSC_0246 DSC_0247

All of the back boards – which is what led dad to believe that this was 100 or more years old.  He said 70 or more years ago they stopped using this method for back boards and started using plywood.

DSC_0248 DSC_0273

Yep.  I even got The Man involved in this project.  This was actually the same day as the Sunrise Party (and also our anniversary)!

DSC_0280 DSC_0284

Piloting the nail holes for the back boards.


Stripping the finish off the top:


The top decorative piece and the door both had to be stripped instead of just sanded.  I am so thankful dad threw on his apron and did this for me!  Stripping wood is one of my least favorite things, ever.  I’ll do it, but yikes.  If you get it on you, that stuff burns your skin something awful.  I shudder just thinking about it.


For our anniversary celebration, Skyler and I took this door front down to the Albany Antique Mall to hunt for a key.  Thankfully, dad’s Larkin desk had a key to it and it magically fit in my desk and worked also!  So we took his key and wanted to find a match.  It was a good thing to have his key and a basis for the shape we were searching for because…..


… We had a couple hundred keys to search through.  After a solid hour, we found not only one key, but two keys that fit the bill!  I paid $7 for the larger key (and the gentleman who watched us painstakingly searching through each key gave us the second smaller back up key for free… probably out of pity.).  It was quite amusing to me that I paid $7 for the key and $5 for the entire desk!

Once we found it, we headed off to grab some burgers in celebration!  We weren’t even celebrating our anniversary.  We were 100% celebrating finding that darn key! :P

And finally… the desk was finished and it was moved back to my house where she now stands in all her glory:

DSC_0520DSC_0367 DSC_0484

I’m still hunting for a different knob, one that looks just right.  For now, this will do.


You can hard even tell where dad had to replace missing chunks of wood, unless you get real close and know what you’re looking for!  He did such a great job.


Another place dad had to replace a chunk and repair the front of the leg. 


The two end parts of the bottom were missing (the center piece was intact), so dad had to mimic the design of the center and create two end pieces to fill the gaps.


The inside of the desk is awesome – I love this piece!

DSC_0490 DSC_0493

We hunted all over to replace a couple missing rosettes.  We had no luck, but did find some plain silver ones.  We finally settled on those and spray painted them oil rubbed bronze to match the originals a little better.  Still will be hunting though…


I looooove these mail slots!  I’m so excited to have a place to drop mail, keys, wallets, etc. and be able to close the cupboard door on so we don’t have to see the mess! 

And for dramatic effect (and man, I wish I got a better “before”):

Larkin B&A


So thankful that I found this gorgeous piece needing some love and even more thankful for a helpful dad who knew exactly what kind of love and attention it needed!  This is one of my favorite pieces in my house now and one I will hold onto as a treasure of a project with my dad.  :)

Pre-School Celebrations

Well, I suppose you could read that ^^ two ways.  Pre (before) school starts celebrations.  Or preschool (the year before kindergarten) celebrations.  Both are correct.  :)

The boys are starting preschool on Monday and in the “last week of summer”, we wanted to have some fun!  We are lucky enough to have memberships to both OMSI (which also gets us into the local Gilbert House) and the Oregon Zoo – so we too advantage of both this week!

Because Monday was Labor Day, my best girlfriend Claire had the day off (normal days, she’s a rocking mortgage broker) so we hauled all the kids to the Gilbert House.  It wasn’t until I got there and started looking around that I realized it had been probably a year since I have been there – despite having a membership.  A year ago, I was pregnant with little miss and was couch ridden for 2-3 months and then we bought a house, reno’d, moved, had a baby, yadda yadda yadda.  Point being, we haven’t been in forever.  And they have CHANGED things!!  For the better!  The place looks so good and refreshed and their “good ideas” have become Great Ideas!  (This was even before they are closed for the entire next week to spruce up and repaint things.)

We were all pleased with the changes and having fun.


Tossing the pool noodle chunks into the air tunnel.


Gathering his corn.


First, he gathered all the eggs…


…And then he returned them to their rightful owners.  ;)


They loved gathering all the crops and replanting them – and even wearing the little gardening gloves. 

IMG_4503 IMG_4540

Playing dress up in the theater room.

And the room that took the biggest change – the used to be supermarket room!  It is now divided into a few different stores like a little city.  At first, I was mad.  The supermarket was SO COOL.  Then I thought of two practical reasons why it was a better change: 1) More opportunities for kids to play with the prized possessions of cash registers with more “stores”.  2) No more ramming into each other with shopping carts.  It took me a bit of warming up, but by the time we left the room – I was in love with it!


The hardware store.

IMG_4545 IMG_4544

The ATM was the BEST part!  I was totally the “big kid” that doesn’t let the little kids play!  I HAD to figure that thing out – it was so cool!  Eventually I gave Zeek a turn to play… ;)

Then a few days later, on the return of a sunny and warm day, and after the majority of kids were in school – my mom and I and the kids headed up to the Zoo!  We’ve been many times but the kids always always love a trip to the zoo.  I love being able to just be outside walking around for a few hours and the boys love seeing the animals – particularly the birds.  Zeek always makes sure I take pictures of the birds.  :)

DSC_0647 DSC_0659 DSC_0664

^^ See the eagles in the background??

DSC_0675 DSC_0684 DSC_0685 DSC_0688 DSC_0692 DSC_0695 DSC_0701DSC_0711 DSC_0715 DSC_0727 DSC_0730 DSC_0737 DSC_0750 DSC_0752 DSC_0762

*whew* One last week of summer fun.  It was awesome weather and a really fun time for all of us.  The boys have no idea school starts tomorrow!  Here’s to hoping I can pull all my crap together by then. :P

Y is for…

Y DSC_0561 DSC_0613

Those big blues and those chub cheeks!! Gah!


Caught you mid-sneeze!  Too cute.

7 months

  • You are 7 months old, little lady!
  • You are so badly wanting to crawl but every time, that darned left leg get stuck underneath you and you can’t figure out how to get it out.  Within the next couple weeks, I’m guessing.  :)
  • You really dislike cuddling in your sleep like your brothers did.  You do NOT want to be cuddled in my arms.  You want your space – though you do like to throw your cute chubby leg up over top of my stomach.  It’s pretty adorable.
  • You’ve started eating some solid foods – mostly fruit in the little mesh bags.  You LOVE that.  You screamed at daddy when he took it away from you to put another piece of frozen mango in for you.
  • You are just the most joyful little thing.  You are a magnet in stores.  People just have to wave to you, talk to you, or come talk to the mama of the adorable smiley girl with big round baby blues.  They just can’t help it.
  • You’ve started fake laughing where you sound a bit like a chipmunk – a lot like your big cousin Kaily used to do.

X is for…

X DSC_0437 DSC_0921 DSC_0940 DSC_0250 DSC_0255 DSC_0260

  • You’ve been eating real, legit food!  You loved sucking on your brothers’ apples that they picked out of Grandma’s backyard.
  • You are trying SO hard to crawl, but that one darned leg just keeps getting stuck under you.  I’m okay with you not crawling for one more week.  (I have a wedding to be in and I’m 100% counting on being able to set you down with a basket of toys and have you STAY there while I’m helping with all the prep, etc.).
  • On that note, I also need a baby gate and asap.  The boys have way too many little things in the playroom (marbles, Playmobile tiny pieces, acorns, etc).
  • You are starting to reject your binky, which is exactly what Zeek did at 6 months too.  You don’t want it unless you’re trying to put yourself to sleep.  But if you’re already asleep and start waking up, you don’t want it if I give it to you. You just want me to “shush” you and then you turn your head to the side and go back to sleep without it.  You also seem to be aware that it puts you to sleep and you reject it in social settings where you are fighting sleep.
  • You love pulling your hair bows off of your head now – over your eyes and into your mouth.

A Sunrise Party

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone by now that I like to throw a party.  A gathering.  A coffee social.  Hosting a holiday.  Anything that involves gathering people in my house for fellowship.  And if I’m going to gather those people, well, good grief – I might as well make it pretty.

Often when friends say something to the effect that I have done a good job as a party planner, I will tell them, “Well, I learned it from my mom!”

This past weekend, my small family had the enjoyment of experiencing one of mom’s fun social gatherings – a Sunrise Party, as we were calling it.

This past weekend in my parents’ town was the Art & Air Festival.  They also happen to live right across the highway from the festival and directly in the hot air balloon’s line of travel.  This was always one of our favorite things about my parents’ house when I was growing up.  Often, because it was August every year and August is generally hot and my parents’ house has never had AC, I would have found myself sleeping upstairs in my room with the window wide open.  And every year around the 20th of August, right around 6:15 am, I would be awoken by the familiar “whoooosh, whooooosh” sound of the first hot air balloon filling with hot air and rising over my house.  I would climb out of bed and head downstairs and to the backyard where my parents were often already sitting with their housecoats and coffee, ready to watch the 30 or so balloons fly over head.

While that’s fun and all, and I’ve done this same thing many many years, it has been a few years since I’ve been down to see (partly due to kids and who wants to trek them somewhere before 6 am and partly because it always seems to fall on my anniversary).  So, this year, my mom decided to make it a party!

On Friday, she had some girlfriends over for her Sunrise Party and hot air balloons, and for Saturday’s take off, she invited my family over for her Sunrise Party.  We opted to stay the night on Friday so that we didn’t have to trek the kids any farther than from that same upstairs bedroom I grew up in to downstairs in the backyard.

I climbed out of bed at 6 to help mom set up breakfast.  She had already prepared a lovely gathering for us:


The fire was already crackling, the sitting wall was lined with cushions, coffee, creamer, hot cocoa and mugs sat on a table beside the fire, and blankets were piled on a chair for the picking.

DSC_0002 DSC_0001 DSC_0993

The table was prepared for eating breakfast right after the hot air balloon show:


Once things were set, we watched the pilot hot air balloon lift off (who always goes about 15 minutes before the rest of them to test the air).


Once I saw him fly overhead, I went upstairs to gather my sleeping family.  (We let the baby stay and sleep).  My boys were confused and tired:


And then they saw this:


And the first one was up!


The boys were delighted and loved seeing them!  They literally fly right over my parents’ back yard and often they are low enough that you can wave or say hi to them still.  (And excuse my 500 pictures of hot air balloons.  Zeek was insistent that I made sure to get each one.)

DSC_0032 DSC_0033 DSC_0035 DSC_0037 DSC_0044 DSC_0063 DSC_0067 DSC_0102

The boys loved these character ones!

DSC_0116 DSC_0144 DSC_0148 DSC_0161 DSC_0169 DSC_0189

This looked too funny to not capture on film.  Mom and I were having a good laugh from behind their backs. ;)

DSC_0198 DSC_0214

And after the last balloon flew overhead, Grandpa started up the griddle and made us some pancakes while I made sausages and mom made more coffee.

DSC_0227 DSC_0236

What a perfect and lovely Sunrise Party.  The boys were early to nap that day, but it was so worth it for the fun and excitement they had over watching all of those balloons so closely.  :)

Thanks mom for planning and hosting us!

Camp Tadmor III

For the 3rd summer in a row, we found ourselves at a place nestled in the mountainside near Sweet Home called Camp Tadmor.  The boys loved the last two years that we spent there but with house projects and Skyler’s schedule being wonky, we didn’t plan to take any vacation time to be out there this year (where Skyler spends the week as camp nurse and the rest of us just hang around, mostly at the lake).

As a last minute effort to get a nurse to cover for one week that they were in need, they sent an email asking if any of the past nurses that had been there could spend ANY of the days out there covering.  We had a 3 day chunk set aside that particular week where we were going to go camping.  We offered those three days and quickly found ourselves back out at one of our favorite little spots.  :)

This year was particularly sweet because our dear friends who have lived and worked at the camp for the last 6 summers were planning to move down the mountain and out of camp after this summer was over, so we knew it was our last chance to spend summer time up there with them.  Our friends, Adam & Angie, have 3 little girls – each of them the same age as our three kids.

Our families had such a fun little reunion and good time together!  We tried to capture our short but sweet three day stint at camp on film.  We sure do have a special place in our hearts for Camp Tadmor and our family friends.  :)

Skyler, ever the alert nurse:


Preparing for being on-duty for the ever action packed and painful giant slip n slide:DSC_0003

I don’t know what Asher is doing here, but the TAN LINES on my kid! haha.  DSC_0006

Playing baseball with a plastic ball and stick:DSC_0008 DSC_0012 DSC_0009

What Miss Elle did almost the whole time at camp – sat on a blanket and played with toys!DSC_0029 DSC_0036

I love this little serious-faced kid!DSC_0050

Zeek, proud of his daddy’s creation – a giant leaf wrapped around a plastic ball and closed up with a little twig through the leaf.  These were “presents” that he gifted to random campers.  :)DSC_0084

Finally!  The buds showed up just before the slip n slide started!  Julia & Kate.DSC_0090

After the big kids, the littles had their chance on the slip n slide.  Year 3, and my boys are still terrified of it. DSC_0099

Zeek got a little more brave…DSC_0111

Most of our time at camp was spent like this:DSC_0127 DSC_0135 DSC_0144 DSC_0157

Happy little girl loved sitting lakeside!DSC_0176 DSC_0208 DSC_0213

Daddy just couldn’t leave his little Beach Babe alone!DSC_0235

I’m dying over this photo of her!DSC_0234

Asher spent most of his day playing “alligator”.DSC_0187

He does a fine job at it!  His fierce and serious alligator face:DSC_0241 DSC_0252

Skyler decided to give Zeek & Julia their first date by taking them on a “gondola” ride.  I hope he serenaded them!DSC_0270 DSC_0272 DSC_0276

Meanwhile, Asher was whoopin’ and hollerin’ for them to come back to shore so that he could go out with them too.DSC_028111811547_10152914746837096_271431880681812968_n

So, daddy loaded all 4 kids up (Zeek, Julia, Asher & Kate) for a canoe ride:DSC_0283

Much time was spent catching newts (possibly the boys’ favorite thing about Camp Tadmor).11168763_10152914754677096_8378745300636043675_n

And of course ice cream!  Angie told Zeek that if he were brave enough to swim all the way out to the buoy’s, then she would get them all an ice cream cone.  It took some coercing, even with ice cream on the line, but eventually he did it and they were all rewarded!


THE BABIES!  I sure love these two.  :)11855737_10152914743947096_943442395103251070_nDSC_0291 DSC_0305 DSC_0323

And finally.  One of my favorite things about Camp Tadmor.  Our strolls around the lake at dusk.  It’s the time of the day when the camp is still and quiet.  The campers are at evening church service, the lake is quiet and calm, it’s nearly bedtime, and we get to have a little adventure time as a family. DSC_0335

The lake has a gorgeous golden hue to it as the sun is setting.  The boys always have their jammies on, ready for bed, and we head around the lake.DSC_0339

We always have to stop and look for newts.DSC_0350

The best lakeside photo I could get of these two squirrelly boys:DSC_0369

Final day at camp:DSC_0388

Mama and her daughter:DSC_0406

And our annual mama-babies photo:


Our broods are growing!  This was our family photo last year:


Thanks for another fun time Camp Tadmor!